In accordance with the latest world standards

The Octopus has been made according to the latest world standards

Using the knowledge of specialists

Using the information and expertise of scientists in manufacturing and designing of technological products

Approved by Iran‘s Association of cardiologists

Electromed ‘s Octopus has been approved by Iranian Heart association

Supporting domestic production

Electromed Persian Tous Company is trying to benefit from the talents of its young employees and experiences of professional consultenets in desigining and manufacturing medical products to meet the needs of Iran medical association.

Electromed is a manufacturing company that productes heart tissue stabilizer through reverse engineering. The general structure of the product is similar to the foreign (American) one but due to some defects of foreign model of this device some changes have been done in it‘s design in order to make the product more efficient.

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Electromed Persian Tous is trying to meet the needs of our country in the field of medical and hospital equipments by benefit from the knowledge of specialists and cardiologists and manufacturing technological products.

Function of Octopus Heart Tissue Stabilizer

Heart Tissue Stabilizer causes local stabilization of the tissue by making suction on the heart‘s surface، sothe Octopus is the main surgical instrument in the Off Pump CABG، which its function is to reduce the motions and also causes non-movement of heart.

ثابت کننده بافت قلب
جراحی قلب

The lastest version of "Octopus" manufactured

The latest model of Octopus (heart Tissue stabilizer) manufactured by Electro Med Persian Tous Co

Octopus specimens produced from the beginning until now

Certificates and Licenses

Licensed from general office of monitoring and evalvation of medical equipments and also has been approved by ISO 13485

License of manufacturing medical devices

Licensed to manufacture medical devices from national medical device directorate

Licensed from the Institiue of Technology

Technology License from KSTP (khorasan Science and Technology) park

Registration certificate for industrial design

Rigistration certificate for industrial design issued by office of registration of documents and lands

ISO 13485

 Iso 13485 for invention of heart tissu stabilizer (octopus)

Innovation Certificate

Technology certificate issued by ministry of health and medical education

Company Establishment License

Establishment license issued by Industry، mine and trade organization of Khorasan Razavi province

About Us

The Octopus manufactured by Electro Med Co has all quality standards،and in recent years، more than 4000 number of this product has been used in more than 10 provinces and 150 cardiovascular centers. the company، which initially started with 6 employees، now has over 40 ones
Number of Center
the number of Octopuses manufactured
Certificates and Honours